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Appliance Repairing and Servicing

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You pay for RESULTS, not for time

Our Diagnostic / Trip Fee Is Only $65.00

Up Front and Honest

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After the technician sees, examines, listens too, tests and diagnoses your appliance you will be given an exact quote of how much the repair will cost. This is an exact total quote. There are no hidden surprises.

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Understanding The Route

Each morning before the techs leave with their service tickets each tech puts those service tickets in an order best suited for a proper route for his route for that day. Just like a delivery truck with several deliveries. The techs do not want to go back and forth as they would only complete half the amount of jobs they could do if they had a proper route. So they organize their jobs in this route right before they leave for the work day, based on the time slot chosen by you, and not going back and forth from one area, over to another, but then back to the same area they just left. We would not want them to go from Glen Burnie to Pasadena then back to Glen Burnie....makes no sense. Same with every other area. We would not want them to be in Columbia, go to Ellicott City and then right back to Columbia. The routes are set up to eliminate the back and forth driving time. You will have the tech arrive at your home within the time slot of 9 to 1, or 12 to 5 that you have chosen.

Please answer your phone! You will be called by the tech when the tech is on his way. We need to verify that you did not forget or had an emergency and had to leave. If we do not get an answer, our driving route then changes and you will have to be rescheduled.


All repairs are completed in your home while you are at home.


When I have had to schedule for a repair person or for service from companies I have had problems myself so I understand what you may feel when calling for service. I would like a phone call from that company to tell me what the heck is going on BEFORE I already waited and wasted the entire day. Of course they did not call. I want to be called ahead of time to tell me if some one called in sick, a van broke down, an ordered part did not arrive. I don't want to have to call and call and leave one message after another for someone from the business to return my call. I would like a return phone call within 24 hours without chasing people down. I just want to be treated with concern and with fairness. This is how our techs are instructed on treating you.



Please answer your phone. You will be called right when the tech is on his way. We need to verify that you did not forget or that you had an emergency and had to leave. If we don't get an answer, our driving route then changes and you will have to reschedule to be inserted into ANY OTHER DAY AND TIME SLOT OF YOUR CHOICE.

Policies and Pricing

Can't stress enough....Please answer your phone. You will be called right when the tech is on his way. He needs to verify that you did not forget, or had an emergency and had to leave. If we don't get an answer, our driving route then the route immediatly changes and you will have to reschedule. And you can do that right on line also.

  • Our main concern is being fair, professional and accurate and this is one reason why we can not give quotes for repairs over the phone. Because we need to see the unit itself, test the unit ourselves, listen to the unit ourselves, and see if there is a problem that caused that particular part to go bad. We don't want to replace a part and three months later that part has gone bad again because we did not see or hear another problem with the unit. We want to see if the unit is located in a closet and if the closet doors will have to be removed in order for the techician to move the unit and to have full access to the entire unit. We want to look for rust, listen to motors, bearing noises, blower assemblies, see the wiring connections etc, and also to be able to decide if the unit is still in good condition and it is cost effective to you to have the unit repaired...which the technician will advice you BEFORE we go ahead with any repair.
  • We want to treat you just as we would want to be treated if we were to call a service company. We will take our time (as much as you need) and explain to you what is wrong with your unit, and what needs to be replaced or repaired. When we set up an appointment we are on time. The way in which we have designed our scheduling and our route we are on time 99% of the time. However, if our technicians run into a problem (rusted bolts, stripped screw heads etc) in a clients home before your service call, he will stay and complete that job. So when he realizes that he may run late to a job we will call you BEFORE he is already late to let you know that he is running late. This way you are not sitting by your door all day waiting when you could run to the store or take care of another errand or would want to re-schedule. We are not going to leave you waiting with no contact and explanation. Just as when he comes to your home, all he has is a ticket to read with a problem / complaint written on it. He has no idea exactly how long he will be in your home and he will remain on your job until he is finished. If he is running late, we will call the next client to give them the same courtesy.
  • The technician will give you an exact "quote" for the repair. This is called a flat rate estimate. Again, You pay for RESULTS, not for time. If it takes longer than usual, your bill does NOT go up.
  • If your repair requires a special order part we will call you as soon as that part is in our hands so you can schedule with us the time frame that works for you. Parts are delivered by truck and UPS. Sometimes a manufacturer truck deliveries can run behind a day. So rather than schedule a day to have the part installed before the part even arrives, before we have the part in our hands to make sure they sent the correct part, we will call you to let you know they have actually delivered the part (and we have opened the box to verify it is the correct part that we ordered) and we will telephone you to schedule a time frame with you. We will not leave you sitting at home waiting for no one.
  • Please, save yourself money and us time, (to keep us on time). Don't have panels off or wires off or parts removed or hoses disconnected. When the technician arrives his job is then to turn the unit on and test. The unit MUST be completely assembled and hooked up so that when the technician arrives at your home they can immediately test the units operation with out having to hook up the unit or re-install part(s) that have removed. If the technician has to re-assemble the appliance or re-install ANY parts or panels etc in order to test the unit, there is an additional $30 fee. Coupons do NOT apply to this fee.
  • Our 90 day warranty applies to our service, and part(s) which we purchased and replaced, and if that part(s) fails due to a defect in material or workmanship from the manufacturer of that part(s) we will replace that part, and service, at no additional cost to you from 90 days of the date of the original installation.
  • There is NO warranty on labor or on any parts that you have purchased or supplied to us by you.
  • There is NO warranty on any repair done free of charge.
  • Our Diagnostic / Trip Fee Is Only $65.00.   This does not repair the appliance. This is to diagnose the appliance and drive to your home or business. Again, this is for the time for the tech to drive to your home and for the time of checking out the appliance to test your unit. After he diagnoses your unit and finds what replacement part(s), if any, and/or repair is needed he will explain everything to you, make sure there are no other problems, and quote you the exact cost for the repair needed. Coupons do NOT apply to this Diagnostic / Trip Fee.
  • The Diagnostic / Trip Fee will be waived (not charged...not added to the bill) if you have the repair work required completed by our technician.
  • The minimum cost to repair (make in working / usable order again) with zero parts used is $149.00
  • Two or more appliances at the same home. For each additional appliance to be diagnosed (not repaired) Monday thru Saturday there will be a $30.00 Diagnostic / Trip Fee.
  • On Sunday (we only service refrigerators / freezers if you are loosing food) the trip-diagnostic fee on Sunday is $95.00. The Diagnostic / Trip Fee will be waived (not charged...not added to the bill) if you have the repair work required completed by our technician.
  • If there are two different repairs needed on the same appliance, at the same time, the less expensive repair is done at 1/2 price.
  • Hours available for service are between 9 AM and 5 PM. One of two time slots can be chosen. There is a 9 AM to 1 PM time slot available and a 12 PM to 5 PM time slot available.
  • There is no billing.. All payments are due in full at the time the repair work is completed.
  • If the part required for your repair is not stocked on our truck there will be a deposit required to special order any part. We will not order a part without the requested deposit. The deposit required is 1/2 of the total estimate given.
  • Refunds: After it is determined by the technician that a refund is due, that the unit was diagnosed incorrectly, or that the part ordered from the manufscturer arrived and is defective, a refund will be mailed to you by money order approximately 9 business days after your check has cleared the bank. We will not mail a refund until the check has cleared the bank and we know that no stop payments were in place or bad checks were originally written by a client, and this takes approximately 9 business days for our notice from our institution. Then we will mail out the refund to you to the address which is on the service ticket. The institution mails us a letter telling us that a check we deposited was returned for whatever reason. If that occurs, and we already sent out the refund, we are out the money twice. So we wait until the original check that you have written has time to completly clear the system. checks has cleared.
  • Coupons or discounts MUST be presented at the time the estimate is given. They will not be accepted or applied after we have completed the job, OR after returning with a special ordered part.
  • Coupons or discounts are valid on ANY completed repair if the repair cost is $110.00 or greater.
  • Sorry but you may not combine discounts or two type of discounts. Only one discount per repair.





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